Flying thousands of paper cranes origami tutorial

Flying thousands of paper cranes origami tutorial


While making this origami paper cranes is not using a sheet of paper without the crop produced, but after it produced seamless, so the overall effect is very good, if your origami and do not have too high demand, and want to make different thousand paper cranes to, believe the thousand paper cranes to fly tutorial is suitable for you. Because this tutorial origami paper cranes can be used as accessories in place on the table, so it is suitable for making out as a small decoration, brings to your busy life a pleasant and calm.

1. First prepare a 15cmx15cm piece of square paper

2. Will collapse parts of the previous step to open, and then the diagonal folding of paper, colored side outward.

3. After opening, the other side of the trisection of the edge of collapse.

4. After the opening is one such.

5. Fold a pair of angles, and like dashes in to collapse, which means the corner points to collapse with the bottom above the intersection of the crease.

6. After the opening was such that note origami figure middle of Chiang Kai – shek square, the square edges to fold, but folds are limited to the middle of the square.

7. Move the paper to white side up, as in the image, the middle part of the two adjacent edges of the square and the other half of the two edges of the cut.

8. Diagonal fold like origami diagrams.

9. White square like Figure made of creases.

10. Then, the outside corner of the square, which is the back of the red dot corner of backward – folding, the corner folded down on both sides.

11. Like in the figure.

12. Overall look like.

13. Like origami figure shown in dashed lines position the edges folded to the Center.

14. Inside edge is folded in the middle.

15. Out according to the crease in the position to the edge of collapse.

16. the side was that

17. A pair of diagonal fold.


18. And then collapsed on two corners on the outside, and then follow the crease before, which is winning out the folds for folding.

19. Folding, attention to mountain and Valley of trace trace to fold.

20. After folding is one such.

21. Folding the left side down.

22. To separate the part from above the middle.

23. Collapses the section above to the other side.

24. like this.

25. Such was folded after the, collapsed after the folded part down from folding.

26. Right down the edge of collapse.

27. And then collapses the right angle to the left, and follow the head to fold paper cranes to make.

28. Of paper cranes folding edges to crease below location.

29. Collapse part of the open in the previous step, collapses the black lines to the original black lines section of the vertical location.

30. like this

31. From the previous section folding down.

32. like this.

33. open.

34. Origami paper cranes is part of the green line in the location in which to collapse.

35. Such is seen from the inside.

36. Collapse complete is one such.

37. The right part of the stretch, and then collapse like a diagram.

38. Both sides are complete, the right from top to bottom edge to the center fold.

39. Above some of the distracting, and then collapse.


40. Then, this part of the fold.

41. The following sections are folded in the Middle, then this section is also distracting, collapsed.

42. The following sections folded up.

43. On either side are complete is one such. this

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