jumping frog origami

jumping frog origami

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here is a 3d frog origami,so you need many origami triangle,let's make it!

1. In the first line, need to use the triangle insert 7 green, need to use the 8 green triangle in the second row inserted, and the third line is used to plug 9 triangle

2. You can see the edge stack is incremented

3.the fourth row of 10 triangular insert ; 11 triangle insert in fifth row ; 12 triangular insert in sixth row ;the seventh row insert 13 triangular. 

4. the eighth row of 14 triangular insert ; Edges are two white triangle insert

5. Nineth line plus 15 triangle  – add a white edge is inserted.

6. Tenth row need to increase by 16 triangular units, including 4 plug the white triangle, plus two white triangles each edge

7. Make origami structure in triangle units frog belly now. Need to use the first row to 5 plug the white triangle, need to use the second row to 4 white triangular units.


9. Here a red triangular units to label shows how the associated combination. At this point, increasing the 11th row of the triangle units, 10 white triangular units, 11 green triangle as shown in the illustration has not increased in the 11th row.

10. Continue to increase line 12th, 9 and 10 green white triangular units.

11. This is from the side to see the structure of the 12th row.

12. This is seen from the front of the 12th row structure.

13. 13th row requires 9 the green triangle, 8  the white triangle ; the 14th line requires 8  the green triangle, 7  the white triangle.

14. 15th row requires 9 green triangle in triangle units and 8 white .


15. 16th row needs back – abdominal combined together, need to be used to  10 green triangle, 7  white triangle.


16. 17th row 11  green triangle and 6 white ; 18th row 10 green triangle interpolation, 7 white triangle ; 19th row, needed 11 green triangular, 6   white triangle, 20th line needs 10 green triangle interpolation, 7   white triangle. This origami triangles into frog's body has been completed.

17. Actually triangle plug frog of head making also is to body for Foundation of , which 21st line need using 9 green of triangle , 6 white of triangle ; 22nd line need using 8  green of triangle , 5  white of triangle ; 23rd line need using 7  green of triangle , 4  white of triangle ; 24th line  using 6 white triangle  , 3  white of triangle ; 25th line need using 5 a green of triangle plug , no white triangle plug ; 26th line need using 4 a green of triangle plug , no white triangle . 









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