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Koi fish, ornamental carp, fish are rich colors, usually red, yellow, white, a step by step instruction of how to fold an origami is a money origami kio fish, love dolphin origami? or love a  tortoise origami? or whale origami ? more origami fish,you can visit here.

Like origami friends sure have a lot of people try to Ronald Koh's top carp Tancho Oranda origami tutorial, produced this origami tutorial Dan carp extremely lifelike in appearance, shape, soft and beautiful is very popular. Tancho Oranda provides detailed addition Dan carp production diagram and are equipped with detailed instructions and descriptions of each step. Although Atlas of origami, origami step some feel ashamed and afraid, but when you look at this beautiful real after Dan carp, is already beginning to some touching it, pick up the paper now try this Dan carp. Ronald Koh proposed to use red and white on both sides of the paper for folding, paper can be made out of a 25cm a 14cm about origami Koi.


origami koi


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origami koi fish fold instructions

origami koi

Origami Koi Fish

origami koi

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A stop motion movie that shows the process of folding an origami origami folding and design: Sipho Mabona photography and animation: Sipho Mabona



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