pig origami

pig origami,a not easy origami origami pig diagram origami pig instructions

 This Pig design came from an earlier Sheep design which had a lot of excess paper in the head area. It looked quite easy to convert the Sheep into a pig, especially the fact that the Sheep had a nice round body shape. Inspired by Ronald Koh’s Pig (expertly folded by Boon), and some inspiration from Joseph Wu, Roman Diaz and TienYin Yau (one late night folding at TienYin’s place), the design easily fell into place. It wasn’t meant to be a “quality” design, but due to the interest on my flickr page,I decided to diagram it anyway. 

 Although it looks like an easy fold, some practice will be required to fold a good rendition. There is an easier way to fold the face (by making an Open Sink on the crease made in step 45), but the way it is diagrammed gives a better result – no open layers and easier to round the head when shaping at the end.  

The diagrams were done for the enjoyment of all who want to fold it. Please use for personal use only. Also note that the diagrams are unedited, so SPARE me if there are any mistakes I have overlooked.  Please enjoy. 

if you want to download this pig origami,pls download here

origami pig instructions

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