Thousand paper cranes fly side by side making tutorial

Thousand paper cranes fly side by side making tutorial

 1. First fold a piece of square paper on the edge of the 15cmx15cm 22, followed by the diagonal fold. Open after every fold.

2. A pair of side fold.

3. Will be followed by an edge folding to the crease in the previous step. Another edge has collapsed, open, other edge also repeat the previous operation.

4. The paper opened, to fold each corner to the location of the center point.

5. Open, look at proofing the creases on the back making are correct. Red creases representative mark, green folds for Valley traces.


6. Position the edges folded to the Green folds, you only need to make folds in the Middle can be.

7. Adjacent to an edge, like the previous collapse.

8. Addition of two green folds of the edge opposite the fold individually to locations in two folds above region make creases can be.

9. Another set of edges so produced.

10. Open, locate the create folds a square, which is where the figure in the shadows of a square, bold black lines in the picture with scissors cut

11. Next, the paper turns to positive, will be cut square diagonal fold.


12. Produce diagrams model

13. Corner opened up beneath, the edges to the center fold on both sides. Also as operations on the back.

14. Below to complete a small head and tail of the thousand paper cranes. Then, a large square of the diagonal opposite the folded.

15. Fold origami models.

16. like this.

17. Will small thousand origami cranes corners opened up, collapses the associated edges to the Center.

18. Will parts continue to paper cranes folded after the collapse the way you can get a map, diagram paper cranes on the outside part is actually a foot to fold the other direction to the rest of the results.

19. The extra two squares up collapsed.

20. A model from the middle to open, and you want to look like in the figure.

21. fold.

22. After folding is look like in the diagram.

23. Collapses the following angles along the Red folds up.

 24. The other side is also following up the corner of collapse.

25. Angle to the horizontal position of the two steps above.

26. Will open three origami cranes, and then you can put on the table above ~ hot and then to make an interesting thousand paper cranes

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