Vertical folding paper cranes manual origami tutorial

Vertical folding paper cranes manual origami tutorial

1. Two long sides of a sheet of A4 paper folded after opening.

2. Fold the lower – left corner, which means the lower – right corner folded to the left.

3. Then fold the lower – right corner, and then open.

4. Paper to the rear, as in the above section like origami figure repeatedly collapsed.


5. After the turn to the front, is the style of a square and then fold the upper and lower edges of the square.

6. Origami diagrams below of red dot in the upper left corner bends to the right location of the red dot.

7. Such was completed.

8. Folds to the right corner of the up fold.

9. Folding angle up distracting, down to a flat.

10. The angle between two edges are folded into position.


11. Sharp corner folded down to the bottom of the previous location on both sides of the boundary will be pulled.

12. After pulling the part back in situ, as in the middle part will look like figure.

13. Following a sharp corner and then folded back to the top.

14. The middle part of the fold.

15. The following, similar to the right point break to the upper – left position of the red dot.


16. like this.

17. Will be folded to the left corner and then folded to the right.


18. This corner folds to the above location.

19. After this point from the Middle stretch down flat.

20. After the location of the angle between two edges folded to.

21. Above angle folds to the following.

22. like this

23. Following up the corner of fold.

24. Fold the positive part.

25. Above a sharp corner folded down from the middle to the left.

26. Turning to the back.


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