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Learn how to make an origami zebra,How to Make an Origami Zebra. Create any sized paper zebras using the art of origami. Use a zebra pattern paper to make these creatures come to life.

Known for their distinctive black and white stripes, zebras are herbivorous animals from the equidae family. There are various theories about the functions of zebras' stripes, but it is thought that the depth of color and number of stripes help zebras to identify members of their herd, and that the stripes can also be used as camouflage when hiding from carnivorous predators. Zebras usually live in groups consisting of one stallion and several mares and their foals. However, in the dry season they often move in herds of several hundred, traversing the land seeking water and fresh grasses. While on the move, they let out cries that are higher pitched than a horse's, and more similar to a donkey's bray.

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